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Free samples from Walmart. Walmart is the largest company in the world, and the biggest employer in the U.S. pulling in $469 billion in revenue every year. Out of the top 7 revenue generating companies in the world, Walmart is the only one that doesn’t deal in oil and gas. In fact every year, everyone in the world will make an average of purchases at a Walmart store. Walmart has million full-time employees. That’s seven times the population of Iceland. In 2012, Walmart registered approximately $444 billion in sales, which is $20 billion more than Austria’s GDP.

If Walmart were a country, it would be the 26th largest economy in the world If Walmart was an army, it would have the second largest military in the world, behind China. Walmart is bigger than Home Depot, Target, Sears, and Costco combined. In 2009, Walmart sold more bananas than any other item. If Walmart’s more than 900 million square feet of retail space were spread out over one place it would take up roughly 34 miles, which is about times the size of Manhattan. Walmart parking lots alone take up roughly the size of Tampa, Florida. In 2000, Walmart was sued 4,851 times, or about once every 2 hours. 90 percent of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Walmart. The most frequent destination typed into Telenav GPS devices is Walmart. Roughly 4,700 (about 90 percent) of international stores operate under a banner other than Walmart, including Asda in the UK, Seiyu in Japan, and Best Price in India.

An additional Walmart Supercenter per 100,000 residents increases average BMI by units and the obesity rate by percent. 8 cents for every U.S. dollar is spent at Walmart. On average, about 100 stores go out of business in the area surrounding a town with a new Walmart store. Walmart’s CEO Mike Duke makes sure to keep his employees paid, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep some for himself. In 2010, his $35 million salary caused him to earn more in just one hour than the average Walmart employee makes in a full year!.

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